Your Expert Parker Electrician: Affinity Electric!

guy1At Affinity Electric, LLC., our professional electricians have years of experience working on both residential and commercial electrical systems in Parker and throughout the Denver Metro area. Our electricians can fix, update and install just about everything electric in and around your location! Our promise is to provide unparalleled craftsmanship in electrical work, at competitive prices, performance guaranteed.

Affinity Electric’s electricians are licensed, clean cut and drug free professionals. They are carefully screened, background checked and trained to provide you with the safest and most highly skilled professional service available.

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We Offer Affordable and Professional Electrical Services

If you’re looking for dependable and affordable electrical wiring, repairs, energy saving lighting retrofits, office building wiring or lighting, lighting fixtures and/or appliance installations, Affinity Electric are professional electricians! Look no further – Affinity Electric gladly serves residential and commercial areas with its electrical services.

Do you have electrical outlets that are not working or are you constantly blowing fuses?

Affinity Electric can diagnose and fix your residential problems. So if you need an electrician for a small or large electrical breaker, fuse, or panel repair or replacement, the professionals at Affinity Electric can get the job done right and affordably. We’re the affordable professional electrical contractor. Breakers, fuses and electrical panels can be tricky or even dangerous to try to adjust or even install yourself. That is why it is always recommended to have a professional help you out who is skilled in that area. Don’t blow a fuse! Give us a call and we will be happy to come out and take a look at the situation. We will get the job done right!

Electrical Surge, Lightning, and Fire Protection

We provide fast, reliable, and professional electrical service every time. Parker is famous nationwide for getting a large number of lightning strikes and/or lightning storms every year. Lightning strikes to a home that is not properly protected can actually blow out thousands of dollars of appliances and even set fire to your house (yikes!). If your home has inadequate electrical protection the skilled electricians at Affinity Electric can protect your home from electrical surges, power outages and electrical fires – all of which can cause harm to you, your property and your loved ones. We can install whole house surge protection for homes and commercial businesses and also provide affordable Electrical Outlets and Switches. Affinity Electric is here for your house surge protection and electrical outlet and switch needs. Having electrical surge protection is a smart option for anyone with a building they need to take care of.