My power is out. What should I do?
Go outside. Is your house the only one off? If not, and it seems like everyone’s power is out, be patient. The power company is probably working on the problem already. You may want to call them, but chances are they’re aware of the situation, and working on a solution. If your house is the only one with power off on your street, check your breaker panel for tripped breakers.
If you are still experiencing problems, call us! Free Estimates !!

What is a Breaker Panel?
The breaker panel houses your electrical service. It is usually a grey or white metallic box, found on the outside of the house or in the garage.

Breakers are designed to protect your house’s electrical system from too much current. To inspect your breakers, open the box, and look at the switches on the breakers. Normally, there will be two vertical rows of switches. The switches should be pointed in the same direction in each row, towards the middle is typical. Breakers that are tripped will not be pointed towards ON or OFF, but between the two.

To reset the Breaker Panel, first switch breaker to OFF, then move switch to ON. This will reset the breaker. If breaker will not reset properly, call on your electrical experts at Affinity Electric, LLC for a Free Estimates!

What are GFCIs/AFCIs?

  • GFCI-Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • AFCI-Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • GFCI and AFCI outlets and breakers are designed for one purpose. Protection.
  • GFCI outlets and breakers are designed to protect grounding of current through unwanted pathways, namely YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES! GFCIs monitor current, and trip when a different amount of current (than what was put out) returns from your plugged device through the outlet to your panel.
  • AFCIs are designed to protect against arcing caused by plugging in and using appliances, such as irons. Arcing is when electricity travels through the air, making heat.
  • When a GFCI/AFCI trips, it is doing its job, protecting you.
  • You might know that your GFCI has tripped because of two reasons:
    1: Several outlets in the house don’t work
    2: You noticed a button or light on your outlet is different than normal.

What do I do if my GFCI/AFCI is tripped?
Just push the reset button. That’s it!! If this does not solve your problem, Contact Us!

What are CFLs, and what is the benefit of having CFLs in my home or business?
CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Light. It is a miniaturized version of a fluorescent lamp, and fits in your standard, screw-in type light socket. They last longer than most incandescent bulbs, and greatly reduce energy costs, saving you money both in the short and long-term.

I think there is a problem with my Home Electrical Panel and need a ceiling fan wired. Can you help?
YES! Affinity Electric, LLC is are your electrical experts. We can diagnose and fix any electrical problem in your home. Whether it’s an electrical panel, ceiling fan or some other electrical problem you can count on us to do the job quickly and affordably! In fact we have a DISCOUNT COUPON for any HOME Electrical Service for any new customers – CLICK HERE.

Do you provide Lighting Retrofits for Energy Savings?
YES! Affinity Electric, LLC is an expert at Lighting Retrofit solutions which provide better lighting and energy efficiency at your residential or commercial facility. We do retrofits or new construction energy saving projects. We install high efficiency lighting to maximize natural light and minimize your energy cost. We apply these solutions to industrial and commercial lighting, parking garage lighting, street and parking lot lighting and office fixture retrofits. Efficiency Energy is able to calculate and qualify your savings and tax deductions.

> Learn more about – Lighting Retrofits for Commercial Buildings, Garages and Parking Lots

What areas to you provide electrical services?
Affinity Electric, LLC professional electricians serves most of the Denver Metro area. We’ve installed lights into Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies in downtown Denver and clients in Highlands Ranch, Parker, Larkspur, Castle Pines, Lonetree, Centennial and Castle Rock Colorado.